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Schools Supporting Parents to Engage with Reading at Home.

BoomReader enables parents to record their children's reading at home with ease.

BoomReader is the BETT award winning Digital Reading Record that is helping schools to modernise the way reading is being recorded in schools - making it easy, speedy and more purposeful!

Parental Engagement

BoomReader enables parents to record their children's reading at home with ease. Using the BoomReader APP, which parents can easily and freely download to use on their mobile phone, parents find it a simple, quick and reliable way to record their children's reading.


The benefits of supporting parental engagement, to ensure it is quick and hassle free for busy lives, is something of a priority to all Headteachers.


Home engagement with reading not only supports reading development but also builds the love of reading that we are all trying to create for all children. Easing and simplifying the way parents engage with reading, could be the way in for schools who are focussing on increasing parental engagement across the broader curriculum and whole school areas.

'The guides that are provided by BoomReader are clear and simple. Most parents are already familiar with downloading and using APPS, so this wasn't a new thing that we were asking our parents to do.' Classteacher - West Midlands

Parents who have multiple children in the school are able to access all reading accounts through the same platform. It is quick and simple to log reading, without parents needing to find a pen, then find the school bag to then find the reading diary - which may or may not be there!

If you are interested in moving to a digital way of recording reading in your school, please contact us to find out more or book yourself onto one of our free weekly webinars. Email for further support.

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