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The Logging Reading Life Hack

Download the free app to start logging your child's reading.

The digital reading diary that grows with your child

Using BoomReader means no log is ever lost or wasted. Your child's record builds over time and provides a full, meaningful picture of their reading all the way through school.

Your child’s diary is always with you!

Never forgotten

You child’s Reading diary will never be left at home on the busy school run!

Never lost

No damaged or ruined reading diaries - and of course the valuable information is never lost!

Always available

Every parent or carer can access the diary at any time. No more asking: ‘Has anyone seen the diary?’

Mobile Access

It’s easy to see all reading for your children in one place - no more searching for separate diaries.

A better understanding of reading.

By swapping to digital reading records, you are helping your child’s school to gain a better understanding of reading and save hours of valuable teacher time.

With BoomReader teachers have instant, searchable access to reading data which can help improve reading outcomes.

Reduce Waste & Cost

Going digital saves needless paper usage. As there’s never a need to replace lost books, it can save schools money too.

Rewarding Reading

BoomReader is designed to make logging reading quick and easy whilst providing schools with the reading insights they need.

But BoomReader is so much more...


Getting Started

You’ll need an email address and the letter from school containing your child’s unique PIN code.
Download the app

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Create your account

Create your account using your own email address.

Connect to your child
Don't have a smartphone?

Don't worry, you can use our simple web app right here in your browser. One parent account gives you access to both the mobile and web apps.

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