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Data Dashboard

Schools have been asking for a comprehensive solution to track reading engagement, and we've answered the call.


Our easy-to-use dashboard provides a whole-school view, along with year group and class breakdowns, giving educators the insights they need at a glance.

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Minimising Teacher Workload

BoomReader was created by teachers who fully understand the demands being made on teacher workload today.

BoomReader provides an easy to use and manage platform that gives teachers and senior leaders reading data with a toggle of a button. The reading data gathered (that would have been thrown away at the end of the academic year with a paper diary.... unless the dog had already eaten it of course!) can support with class level profiling, whole school priorities, Ofsted preparation and the development of a positive reading culture with all stakeholders. 

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Parent Engagement

BoomReader increases the ease at which parents can log their child's reading at home. Parental engagement is a priority for many schools and BoomReader provides an easy and simple to use platform that parents can access at speed through either an APP on their phone or through a webpage. 

Help parents to become more engaged with their child's reading, remove barriers by making the logging process simple and accessible from anywhere.

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Reading for Pleasure

BoomReader provides a platform for the 3 triangular points in a child's learning life - pupil, parent and teacher, to come together to celebrate reading. 

Pupils are able to easily share with class teacher and peers what reading they are engaging in for pleasure, enabling schools to keep up to date about what genre type, books, authors are most appealing for their pupils.

Each pupil can list a Reading Book, Home Book and a Library Book. 

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Easily accessible

BoomReader removes barriers to making the logging of reading swift, easy and purposeful. Pupils, parents and staff members can make a reading log through either the App or web page, providing ease for all. 

Schools have the option for staff to acknowledge parental and pupil contributions as well as being able to log page number, a reading comment and highlighting any problem words the pupil encounters. 

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Book Reviews

Schools have the option for their pupils to complete a Book Review once a child has logged a completed  book.

BoomReader provides pupils with a voice to share their opinion about what they have read. This supports pupils to reflect, evaluate and make a judgement about whether they enjoyed the book, the genre type as well as demonstrating their reading comprehension. Pupils can add a Star Rating which may be used in class to support peer recommendations.

Pupils are rewarded for their BoomReader contributions with gems - the more gems the pupils collect the more customisations they can make to their Boomer!

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