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BoomReader - Summer Term Newsletter

Welcome to our latest newsletter where you will find all of the latest BoomReader news including updates, reviews and other useful information.

BoomReader - the electronic reading record is a direct replacement for a paper reading diary as well as fast becoming the data dashboard for schools to access intelligence about their pupil's reading habits.

Welcome back to the Summer term!

We hope everyone has had an enjoyable (yet slightly soggy!!) Easter break and are looking forward to all of the fun that the Summer Term brings.

Each month we will share with you the latest updates as well as our BoomReader success stories. We will also look wider to share what has worked well in other schools to create a supportive community area for pupils, parents and staff members.


What are the pupils and staff saying about BoomReader?

We took the opportunity to call into Birches First School to ask teachers and pupils how they were getting on with BoomReader - here is a snippet of what they had to say.

If your pupils and staff would like to share their BoomReader highlights please contact we would love to hear from our BoomReaders!



In order to ensure we remain at the forefront of how schools record their pupil's reading, we are constantly listening to teachers, pupils and parents. We are truly interested in user experience and want to support teachers with the incredible job they are doing. Each month we will let you know of any up and coming changes or updates.

Finished Book Button

Many users will be pleased to know that the Finished Book button for parents has been added back to the initial logging page. As a parent user myself it has definitely streamlined the process of logging reading for my two children! We hope our users feel the same.


New Features


As schools align their APPs and digital resources we are pleased to inform users that BoomReader has teamed up with Wonde providing full integration from your school's MIS system. This will help reduce workload for staff during transition points and also ensure recording keeping on BoomReader is fully up-to-date.

In order to make the process of Wonde integration as seamless as possible, we are urging schools to ensure that UPN numbers of pupils are attached to their BoomReader accounts. This will ensure that the children's MIS details are matched to their existing BoomReader accounts as accurately as possible.

Data Dashboard

It is highly likely before the next newsletter that schools will be able to view the brand new element of BoomReader - the new Data Dashboard! This will give BoomReader schools the options of adding the ability to view, monitor, track and log reading interaction for individuals as well as groups of learners including gender, Pupil Premium, ethnicity and SEND. It will become far easier for schools to gather reading data and track engagement as well as setting reading targets.

Here is a sneaky peek of what the new BoomReader Data Dashboard could offer you

If you would like to know more please sign up for a free webinar which will share all the information you need


Coming Soon......

We are delighted to inform schools that BoomReader will soon be launching mylogin which will save time within the school day for students logging their own reading. This will support schools with developing a love of reading culture, making it easy for pupils to log and share their favoured chosen reading material.


Magpie Moments

For all of us who work in schools, it is well known that like a magpie we like to 'steal' anything shiny! We are looking for schools to share their 'shiny' BoomReader moments with us so we can share with our wider BoomReader community.

Peer to Peer Recommendations

One school has shared how they use the pupil book reviews in their school library as a way to help other pupils decide what to read next. As stipulated in the Year 5 and 6 Programmes of Study, pupils are expected to be -

'recommending books that they have read to their peers, giving reasons for their choices'.

This is definitely one to Magpie as it gives a real sense of purpose to the pupils when completing the book reviews.

Please send us examples of what works well in your setting so we can share with others.



Please read the above carefully - it definitely has an extra T!

Each month we will share with you the most popular reading habits from our BoomReader community.

  1. Last month the most popular read books were..... The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson which was read 364 times, Matilda by Roald Dahl which was read 290 times and in third place was The Twits by Road Dahl which was read 275 times.

  2. 8am was the most popular time that reading was logged last month with a total of 124,007 logs being made at that time!

  3. The most popular time that reading was logged outside of school hours was 7pm with 103,450 logs being made.

  4. Total number of logs made on BoomReader last month = 987,636.


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