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Primary teacher shares strategies to encourage a love of reading!

BoomReader asked a primary school teacher from the West Midlands to share strategies that may help children develop their love of reading and foster it as a habit for life.

Engaging primary school children in reading books should be a fun and rewarding experience. Some of these strategies may help parents encourage a love for reading:

1. Create a Reading Routine: Set aside specific times for reading. Consistency helps make reading a habit. 2. Offer Choices: Let children choose books based on their interests. Whether it's adventure, mystery, animals, or magazines, providing a variety of options increases the chances of finding something they love. 3. Read Aloud: Reading aloud to children, even as they grow older, is a fantastic way to engage them. Use different voices for characters and pause to ask questions or discuss the story. 4. Make it Interactive: Encourage active participation by asking questions about the story, characters, or their predictions about what might happen next. 5. Create a Reading Space: Designate a space in your home for reading. Make it inviting with comfy pillows, good lighting, and a variety of books. 6. Utilise Technology: Incorporate e-books, audiobooks or interactive reading apps. Some children may be more drawn to technology, which can make reading more accessible and enjoyable. 7. Connect Books to Real Life: Relate the stories to real-life experiences or activities. For instance, if a book is about animals, plan a trip to the zoo. 8. Celebrate Achievements: Acknowledge their reading milestones, whether it's finishing a book or mastering a new set of words. Rewards or praise can motivate them to continue reading. 9. Engage in Book-Related Activities: Extend the reading experience by doing related activities like crafts, role-playing, or drawing scenes from the book. 10. Lead by Example: Let children see you reading. Set an example by demonstrating your own love for books and reading. 11. Visit Libraries and Bookshops: Make regular trips to libraries or bookshops. Allow them to explore and choose books that capture their attention. 12. Book Clubs or Reading Groups: Encourage children to join or create a reading club with friends. Discussing books together can make reading a social and enjoyable activity.

Remember, the key is to make reading a pleasurable and enriching experience rather than a chore. By fostering a positive environment and catering to their interests, you can instill a lifelong love for reading in primary school children!

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