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Introducing BoomReader: A Digital Reading Companion for Your Child’s Journey

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

In the fast-paced world of education, BoomReader emerges as a digital reading diary designed to grow with your child. The days of forgotten or lost reading diaries are over; with BoomReader, your child’s reading record stays with you, ensuring that every chapter of their literary journey is captured seamlessly.

2. Your Child’s Diary, Always at Your Fingertips!

Say goodbye to the anxiety of leaving your child's reading diary at home during the hectic school run. BoomReader ensures that your child's reading diary is never lost, damaged, or forgotten. The valuable information contained within is always accessible to every parent or caretaker, eliminating the need for frantic searches for misplaced diaries.

3. A Comprehensive Overview of Your Child’s Reading Journey

BoomReader consolidates all your children's reading records in one convenient digital space. No more flipping through multiple diaries; with BoomReader, you can effortlessly see all the reading activities your children engage in, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of their reading habits.

4. Empowering Schools, Enhancing Education

By embracing digital reading records, you contribute to your child's school gaining a profound understanding of reading patterns. BoomReader provides teachers with instant, searchable access to reading data, facilitating quicker insights and potentially improving reading outcomes. It's a step towards efficient, data-driven education.

5. Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

BoomReader not only saves your child’s reading memories but also contributes to a greener planet. Going digital reduces unnecessary paper usage, and the elimination of lost books can save schools valuable resources. It's a win-win situation for both education and the environment.

6. Rewarding Reading Habits

BoomReader goes beyond just recording reading activities; it actively encourages and rewards your child for their reading efforts. The app is designed to make logging reading quick and easy while providing schools with the essential insights they need for a more personalised educational experience.

7. BoomReader: Where Reading Comes to Life

Beyond the practical functionalities, BoomReader adds a touch of fun and engagement to the reading experience. Your child can log book reviews—whether they're funny, serious, or honest—creating a vibrant community of young readers sharing their literary adventures.


BoomReader is not just a digital reading diary; it's a companion that grows with your child, providing a seamless and engaging experience while offering invaluable insights for both parents and educators. Embrace the digital era of reading and let BoomReader be a part of your child's reading journey.

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