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Data Dashboard

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Schools asked for

a whole school view of reading data - - - -  - - - -  we have developed a comprehensive, easy to use data dashboard that allows data to be displayed at whole school level. We then took this further providing whole school, year group and class views of reading information.

Schools asked for

identified groups of learners to be tracked at school, year group and class level -  - -  - - - -  - we have developed group analyses features allowing teachers and senior leaders the ability to track reading logs for PP, Gender, EAL and Ethnic Groups.
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Schools asked for

comparable data - -  - - -  - -  we have added functionality to allow groups of learners to be compared with other groups of learners (PP, Gender, EAL and Ethnic Groups) across classes and year groups as well as historically with previous year/s. 

Schools asked for

data charts to provide a snap-shot of comparable information to be at the finger tips of educators - - - - -  we have added nifty graphics that are easy to view and providing quality information to schools.

Foster a love for reading

We also know how much schools are promoting and encouraging a love of readings so we have added a Top 20 most read books for your year group. This enables your teaching staff to pick up on what your pupils enjoy reading. 

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Coming Soon

We are very excited to be launching these features soon – please sign up for one of our Data Launch Webinars to find out more! 

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