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Summer Readathon 2024 !

Every Read Counted

Get ready to dive into the world of books this summer with the BoomReader Summer Readathon! As the sun shines brightly over the UK, we’re excited to promote the joy of reading during the summer holidays. This engaging event encourages pupils to explore new stories, develop their reading skills, and compete for fantastic prizes. The school with the most logged reading time using BoomReader will be crowned the winner!


A digital reading record for all of your pupils

  • Quick and easy to use for pupils, parents and staff

  • Reading can be recorded from any device connected to the internet - web based or APP version available

  • No more loss of records

  • Incentivise reading for pupils by issuing digital rewards

  • No need to replace lost or damaged reading diaries

  • Reduce environmental impact of book production

Boomer 1

Why Choose BoomReader?

Award Winning

BoomReader is an award-winning digital reading record used by thousands of teachers, parents and pupils internationally. Built to replace the paper reading record, BoomReader offers convenience, reliability and ease for pupils, parents and teachers when it comes to logging children’s reading. BoomReader captures reading progress for individual pupils as well as painting the reading landscape at class and whole school level.

Encourage A Love For Reading

Reading opens the gateway to all learning. Schools work tirelessly to encourage and build a love of reading for pupils. BoomReader has been designed with the pupil in mind. Promoting individuality, responsibility and developing reading for life, pupils are actively encouraged to log their reading for learning and reading for pleasure. Pupils receive gems for the reading logs made and are able to ‘trade’ them in to personalise their Boomer or to add to their reward card collection. BoomReader helps to increase pupil’s motivation and aspirations.

No More Paper Copies

Go paperless! Save time, save energy and save sanity! BoomReader helps remove the stress of pupils losing or damaging their reading diary. Providing teacher access to reading data that would otherwise be shredded at the end of the academic year. Teachers, parents and pupils working in triangulation on a dedicated reading platform to help pupils succeed. Instant access for all, that can be built on year on year.

Helps Ease Teacher Workload

BoomReader supports schools in their quest to ease teacher workload whilst increasing productivity. Providing a powerful platform that is simple to use, which enables reading to be monitored by all staff members across school. Permission based access, guidance and support materials are provided as well as free weekly webinars helping schools to ensure that logging reading can be done in school, at home ... from anywhere at all!

Why Boomreader?
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Join us for a free 4 week trial as we rollout BoomReader together

Winter BoomReader Grand Tour
  • FREE for schools to use for 1 month

  • Week by week support in setting up and using BoomReader effectively with staff, pupils and parents

  • Join us for weekly live webinars to further support the implementation of BoomReader 

 EYFS & KS1 Teacher

"BoomReader is a game changer. It has everything we want and could ever need in a digital reading record."

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Sensible Pricing

BoomReader has been priced to ensure as many schools as possible can access the benefits of a digital reading record.

From £1.49


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