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Welcome to Our New Reading Data Dashboard!

Schools have been asking for a comprehensive solution to track reading engagement, and we've answered the call. Our easy-to-use dashboard provides a whole-school view, along with year group and class breakdowns, giving educators the insights they need at a glance.

Whats included

Included with BoomReader
Data Dashboard Features
Compare Reading Logs for individuals
Filterable Dashboard
Group Analysis
Class Analysis

Group Analysis

We've developed advanced group analysis features, allowing teachers and leaders to track specific groups such as PP, Gender, EAL, and Ethnic Groups.


With the dashboard, you can compare data across classes, year groups, and even historical trends, empowering you to make informed decisions for your students.

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Foster a love for reading!

Because we know how important it is to foster a love for reading, we've included a special feature: the Top 20 most read books for your year group. This helps educators connect with their students' interests and preferences, making reading even more enjoyable.

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Sensible Pricing

BoomReader data dashboard has been priced to ensure as many schools as possible can access the benefits of their reading data.



In addition to your BoomReader subscription

Join us!

Join us in revolutionising reading data management. Empower your educators with the tools they need to drive student success. Explore our dashboard today!

If you need more information jump on one of our Free webinars where one of our team will walk you through our new data dashboard!

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